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Melika Miller

Singer | Songwriter | Author | Public Speaker

“Life is a Journey, enjoy it” is one of Melika Miller’s favorite quotes. Her life has truly been an amazing journey. Originally from Arkansas, Melika lived in New York City for 20 years. She currently lives in Memphis, TN. Over the years, Melika has inspired others through her gift of music and perseverant spirit. As a licensed professional counselor, educator, entertainer, mentor, transformational keynote speaker, and author, Melika believes her life is the message.

Melika’s Arkansas roots influence her music. Her musical style is a mixture of blues, country, soul, and gospel. She is unapologetically original. Melika writes from her heart because she does not know any other way. If she does not connect with it, she cannot be honest in her performance. She lives and feels every word and wants to bring her audience into her reality.

Music is a healing tool and Melika uses it to help bring love, joy, hope, and peace into other’s hearts. “I was created for this purpose and my life’s journey is to pour my life out so that others can feel the love of Christ.” Melika believes her music and her life goes hand in hand.

Over the years, Melika has performed in different venues in New York City such as: SolVillage at SOB’s with Eric Roberson, Sugar Bar, Triad, and the Bitter End. She has also performed in Organix Soul showcases in Boston, MA, Hartford, CT, and Springfield, MA and Maria Davis’ Showcase at the Shrine in Harlem NY. Melika was also featured in the Women Who Jam Showcase in Harlem, NY. Melika has also helped to lead congregations in worship at conference centers in NYC and New Jersey. Melika had an amazing opportunity to be the featured performer at the United Nations for an event honoring International Decade for People of African Descent. Additionally, Melika performed at City Winery in Nashville and Atlanta.

Melika has two singles out now Don’t Give Up Now and Oh!. Melika is a light that says your circumstances does not define what you can accomplish in your life. Faith, hope, and love are the virtues that help to guide Melika Miller’s amazing journey towards impacting the lives of many.

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