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There are many sources of inspiration, new learning, insight, and creative or unique perspectives.


The BEMA Discipleship

- Marty Solomon

The Bible Project

- Tim Mackie

Commoners Communion

- Strahan

Exploring My Strange Bible

- Tim Mackie

The Space Makers

- Isabel Gates+

Common Grounds Unity

- Kevin Withem+

video camera conference

Countering Counterfeit Identities

- Jamie Winship

Are our man-made church gatherings enough for us?

- Francis Chan

Why Francis Chan Left His Megachurch

- Francis Chan

books in a line

Surprised by Hope

- N.T. Wright

Rethinking Church

- Ron Highfield

The Gifts of Imperfection

- Brené Brown

Joy Fueled

- John White, Toni Daniels, Dr. Kent Smith

Forgotten God

- Francis Chan

Image by John Schnobrich

LK10 - trains people to start Jesus-led, joy-fueled communities, re-​imagining church as a simple, organic, and participatory family.

The Bible Project - Helping people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus.

BEMA Discipleship - “BEMA” (or bimah) is a Hebrew word that refers to the elevated platform in the center of first-century synagogues where the people of God read the Text.

Image by Jeremiah Lawrence
  • Enneagram 2.0

  • Stars & Whales Singing How Great Is Our God

- Louis Giglio

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