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Steven Leslie Johnson

Writer | Public Speaker | Actor | Songwriter | Director

Steven Leslie Johnson is a multi-talented, multi-faceted visionary. He is an accomplished songwriter who’s written hundreds of songs as well as being an actor and highly experienced public speaker. Steve is also a director and a writer of musicals, plays, and theatrical performances. For many years, he has performed one-man shows around the world. Audiences delight at seeing Steven dressed up as everything from a businessman to a first century prophet. To this day, his plays are enjoyed around the world and large international Christian organizations have incorporated many of his songs into their songbooks. His visionary play and musical, Upside Down, that was produced together with long time friend and composer, Sherwin Mackintosh, quickly grew in appeal and acclaim as it contained the fascination and cutting-edge flavor of great musicals of the past like Jesus Christ Superstar.

Steve is also a proficient team builder with vast experience at uniting people with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. Because of his influence, men and women have moved across the globe to accomplish great things and many owe much gratitude to the man who had a greater vision for their lives. Some have entertained presidents, celebrities and world leaders as a result of Steve’s insightful direction. He is a man who builds great things and a formidable driving force that gives both motivation and inspiration for others to do more than what they would have accomplished by remaining in their comfort zone. Many of Steve’s friends are a virtual who’s-who of leaders from all walks of life including the business world, medical professionals, actors, musicians, motivational speakers and more. He is a fantastic advisor who is able to inspire change and growth in others.

* “It was Steve Johnson who first proposed for me to travel internationally with my profession which lead to three decades of amazing stories and victories!”
* “Steve believed in me when I felt stuck. He inspired growth in me, As a result, my confidence increased and even personally I began to look different, shedding the things that slowed me down, I am a changed person.”

Steve continues to think outside of the box, not only for himself but, for others. He sees potential where others do not and brings it to the forefront of both individuals and institutions alike. His accomplishments are many and we provide just a few highlights below.

• Minister of the Portland Church
• Co-Founder of Upside Down Theater
• Play & Film Writer, Producer, Director of Steven Leslie Johnson Presents
• Rider at Motto Guzzi
• Former Co-Founder of the New York City Church, One of the Largest Churches in the Northeast
• Songwriter and Music Producer
• International One Man Show
• BA, Speech/Theater from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
• Former Pied Pipers (Activities & Societies) from Freed-Hardeman University

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