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Six Ways To Improve Your Sunday Worship Experience When Watching On YouTube Or FaceBook Live

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Just sitting and watching ‘church’ can be difficult to make spiritually fulfilling. Here are some ideas to help make Sunday morning worship from home as connecting (with God and the church) and powerful as possible.

  1. Prepare: don’t wait until the last minute to set up bread and wine for communion. Set it up an hour or so before the start of worship so you’re not rushing.

  2. Get Ready: go through your typical Sunday morning routine early - shower, get dressed, eat breakfast.

  3. Atmosphere: whichever room you use for worship times, make sure it’s picked up and clean. Open curtains to let light in. If possible display fresh flowers.

  4. Eliminate Distractions: people doing other things, TVs or music playing in other rooms, little children not being cared for (share duties from week-to-week teaching/playing with small children among the family members)

  5. On Time & Together: ask everyone in the household to be together in the same room and on time (early). This togetherness is important. Make this a sacred time and place at home.

  6. Fellowship Time: either have a time of discussion after to streaming is over or share a Zoom call with your house church to spend time in prayer. Focused fellowship time that is a discussion of important current needs will strengthen the bonds of fellowship.

Of course there is no plan that works the same for every group or family and these are simply ideas that can help. So ask everyone for their input; ask what would help them to better focus on this all important time to draw close to the Father along with the family of believers.

Our brothers and sisters in the first century church worshiped in many situational experiences - huge groups of families when the church began, persecution-propelled worship on the run and on the road. Then as they settled back where they were from they worshiped in their homes, in groups of families and rarely even in larger groupings. So whether it was “big church” or in hiding in the catacombs, disciples of Jesus were not limited by “the way we’ve always worshiped”. Because worship is all about God, not man; and it is a special time, no matter the surroundings, to come to God, together, to bring Him glory.

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