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Men Of Integrity And Godliness, The Real Super-Heroes

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Syntcha and I were blessed to spend this weekend (Labor Day 2019, Philadelphia, PA) with many old friends and the family of Bob and Pat Gempel. We were there to remember and honor the life, impact and influence of a true man of God, Robert Gempel, after his unexpected passing.

Syntcha and I moved to Boston soon after our marriage in the Summer of 1981 to train further for full-time ministry with plans to help serve a church-planting in Sydney, Australia. Into our third year in Boston, God showed me that my role in building and strengthening His church would take a different path - building worship. Syntcha was working for the Gempel's consulting firm and Bob mentored me as I led (served) the Worship & Arts Ministry.

I always looked forward to meeting with Bob and getting his help, input and feedback on the various ministry projects I was working on. Bob was the first man in my life whose presence was kind, gentle, contemplative, and encouraging. He never had a harsh word or showed disappointment in me. Only now am I realizing the lasting influence his character and heart have had on me. Bob’s example of kindness and strength, in my view, is a reflection of Jesus, the legitimate model for manhood.

Last night Syntcha and I were expressing the strange feelings of uncertainty when we loose a foundational disciple, a backbone of faith and service. Time for us to step up and be that ourselves.

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