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Reviving Your Love For Bible Study

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

When I first became a disciple of Jesus, I was baptized on August 7, 1977, as a sophomore at Florida State University studying music education. The depth of realization and conviction that the Bible was truly the genuine, authentic, inspired words of the Creator of the universe, our Heavenly Father, was certainly thrilling, but more that that, hope giving and nothing short of transformational. All life made sense. Of course there is no way I could have known the journey that was ahead.

Each time I read God’s Word I discovered something new and usually unexpected. Over time scriptures guided me, comforted me, rebuked me and always gave me hope and an anchor. But I must also admit there were days I was not inspired; periods of time even where I did not have the same zeal for discovery and promise. I wondered if that excited connection with God’s Word was only for the new disciple. Oh how wrong I was.

Over the last two years my excitement for the Holy scriptures has definitely been renewed. I must thank my daughter, Kelly, for introducing me to new sources of inspiration from the Word and I’m excited to share them with you. If you want to focus on one, choose the BEMA Podcast. This is a multi-year discovery. I hope you can find a renewed love for your own Bible study if it has been lacking.

PS, it goes without saying (but I should say it anyway), these are incredible sources of insight written by men and not the perfect Word of God.

  1. The BEMA Podcast - Marty Solomon (This has been the most thrilling source of new insight for me, for many reasons.)

  2. Francis Chan (search Francis Chan on YouTube)

  3. The Bible Project!

  4. BridgeTown Church

  5. Jamie Winship

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